Sint-Antonius Zoersel

KWP Spanje

Immo KWP beschikt ook over een aantrekkelijk aanbod in Spanje!

contact kogo

Walter Peeters

Handelslei 50

2980 Sint-Antonius Zoersel

03 384 00 00

Will you be
our next colleague?

a pleasant cooperation and defined region

more visibility and more brand awareness

less competition and less struggle

less costs and less risk

more customers and more sales

Do you meet
these conditions?

you have sufficient real estate experience

you enjoy a solid image and real estate offering

you are at least in an additional region

you have sufficient purchasing capacity and experience

you are willing to cooperate with other estate agents and share commission (if another estate agent sells/rents a property from your office)

Please contact our chairman for an introductory meeting.

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